Jõgevamaa - Peipsi region

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The region concerned is located on the shores of Lake Peipsi, the fifth largest lake in Europe. The ambit of NGO Jõgevamaa Cooperation Chamber (MTÜ Jõgevamaa Koostöökoda) includes Saare, Pala, Kasepää and Torma rural municipalities and the town of Mustvee.

The area around Lake Peipsi beguiles with unique architecture and customs, attributable to the fusion of cultures of Russian Old Believers and the local population. A village in Kasepää, seven kilometres long, running along the shoreline and rather characteristic of the Russian cultural space, serves as a good example: sanctums of Old Believers, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic and smoked fish, waiting for drive-through buyers.

Mustvee, a town located on the shore of Lake Peipsi, is best characterised by its motto – five churches, two cultures, one nation.

Timber is processed, vegetables are grown and national traditions are valued highly in Pala rural municipality, surrounded by forests. Saare rural municipality is brimming with places related to the actions of Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s Son), the hero of the Estonian national epic. Ten thematic rooms are opened in Saare rural municipality, in the museum dedicated to Kalevipoeg, while little devils keep busy in “Devil’s Village” (Kratiküla) thematic park.

Torma rural municipality is well known for its strong agriculture. Several successful agricultural co-operatives are located here. Musicians, folk dancers and Võtikvere Library have brought fame to Torma. This area has given birth to a fair share of national heroes, making nationalism a thing of honour for Estonians.

The completion of the Central Peipsi harbour in the region will pep up tourism, fishers’ and business. The sandy beaches of Lake Peipsi, fringed by pine groves, are suitable for both active recreation and for those seeking peace and quiet. There is enough space for everyone, as the beach stretches for dozens of kilometres and you will not see the other shore even when using binoculars.

In the winter you can join hundreds of people ice-fishing.

Via Hanseatica, running along the coastline of Lake Peipsi, has become a traffic corridor between St. Petersburg and Hamburg.

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