Jõgevamaa - Vooremaa region

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Vooremaa is shared by Jõgeva, Palamuse and Tabivere rural municipalities. Vooremaa – this is a place that can be described as a combination of the most diversified forms of natural beauty and a patchwork landscape. The magnificent sloping landscape is alternated by virgin forests where encounters with wildlife – roe deer, wild boar, bear, fox or even a lynx – are quite common.
Most definitely, you will meet these animals in Elistvere Zoo Park.

The area is rich in rivers and lakes. Endla Nature Reserve, a bog wonderland, is a part of wet areas of international importance. Kilometres of boardwalk pass through the Männikjärve bog, allowing to take glimpses of untouched nature.

The ruins of Laiuse Castle, located next to Jõgeva-Mustvee highway, have stories to tell of German, Russian,
Polish and Swedish inhabitants. In 1700 – 1701, the winter residence of the Swedish king, Karl XII, was located here.

Various thematic events, providing a picture of the life of ancient Estonians, take place in the restored stronghold of Kassinurme and sacred grove at the former site of the ancient settlement. Tabivere Parrish Museum, Paduvere Farm Museum and Palamuse Museum have all contributed to preserving the history. Today, the former hearts of old estates have become active centres of modern life, attempting to safekeep historical values while developing and launching new forms of activity.

A forestry school is operating in Luua, surrounded by a diverse arboretum. The Autumn Fair in Palamuse is an event attracting audience from all over Estonia. Kuremaa, a rare pearl, is a place known for diverse recreation and sports alternatives.

Every year, more than 2,500 motorists gather here for another “Jõgevatreff” bikers’ reunion. The research specialists of Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute, located in the very heart of the former Jõgeva manor, have bred hundreds of new agricultural crop varieties, which are highly acknowledged and also cultivated outside Estonia.

The railway line connecting Tallinn and Tartu since 1876 passes through all the Vooremaa parishes on the north-south direction. The railway has given and will give excellent opportunities for developing the region.

The construction of a WiFi network was started in 2002; today, all the larger settlements are covered with the free network.

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