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The historical Põltsamaa region covers Põltsamaa, Pajusi and Puurmani rural municipalities. A good location – in the very centre of Estonia’s mainland and the crossroad of important highways has also affected the development of the region. This is the place where business sector is booming, compared to other regions of Jõgevamaa. Soils, characterised by high fertility, also contribute to the success of agriculture.

Better economic situation has allowed the population of the region to contribute more to education, innovative ideas and technologies. Already back in 1766, the very first magazine in Estonian langue, “A Short Teaching on …”, was published in Kuningamäe Printing Shop. The Alexander’s School, opened in 1888, is teaching numerous vocational specialities even today.

The manor houses of Lustivere and Puurmani, built in the 1870s, still continue to beguile us with their beauty. The go-kart track at Kuningamäe has “infected” whole families, now actively engaged in technical specialities. Village and cultural societies are working actively in Põltsamaa, Pajusi and Puurmani rural municipalities. Handicraft and home improvement are valued highly.

Kamari village in Põltsamaa rural municipality was one of the first villages in Estonia awarded with the title of the most beautiful village in Estonia. Kamari Village Society is working even harder now, developing the village and keeping the Village House in excellent order.The musicians, folk and ballroom dancers of this region are known all over Estonia.

The key words of Põltsamaa region are the skating trail, wine, cheese and roses. The roses of Joosti Nursery grow in many home gardens and parks all over Estonia. The training Centre of the Defence League and Environmental Administration in the middle of Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve, at the southern border of the area, allows to organise training camps and workshops.

Canoeing is practised on Pedja and Põltsamaa rivers, two of the largest rivers passing through the region. The Härjanurme Fishing Farm on River Pedja is among the most unique recreation sites, where one can eat dishes cooked of freshly caught fish. The Trophy Hunting Lodge in Puurmani rural municipality, on River Pedja, offers accommodation services and premises for organising various events.

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