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The ambit of NGO Jõgevamaa Cooperation Chamber (Jõgevamaa Koostöökoda) coincides with the administrative borders of eleven local authorities of Jõgevamaa, populated with approximately 30,000 people and covering an area of approximately 2,600 km², extending from the centre of Estonia’s mainland through the picturesque Vooremaa up to Lake Peipsi.

Jõgevamaa has, thanks to its fertile soils, been mostly an agricultural and forestry region. Several important transit and cargo routes pass through this area, having always been the pushers of development and providing employment to the representatives of many other professions.

Jõgevamaa is also known as the operating area of Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s Son), as from this very region one can find the largest number of various forms of landscape linked to Kalevipoeg, the hero of Estonia’s national epic – drumlins, bodies of water, sites of ancient strongholds, sling stones, etc. Rich historical and cultural heritage, diverse landscape and lots of objects of interest give excellent reasons for coming, being and also staying here.

Come and take a look at the exhibitions in our museums and manor houses, take part in interesting theme-related excursions and events, exciting events organised by thematic parks, bring a backpack and try the hiking, skiing or biking trails.

Enjoy taking part in large events, for example, the Kalevipoeg Skating Marathon, international gathering of bikers – “Jõgevatreff” in Kuremaa, open air concerts of Põltsamaa Fest, ancient and out-of-this world “Mütofest” in Kassinurme, the Kalevipoeg Fish and Water Festival, the Kalevipoeg Roller Skate Marathon, the Great National Paunvere Fair and Exhibition and many other interesting and memorable activities.

Jõgevamaa is very special and diverse and could be divided, mentally, into three parts: Põltsamaa, Vooremaa and Peipsi regions.

This newsletter will provide a short overview of these regions and the activities of the members of NGO Jõgevamaa Cooperation Chamber.

But as the old folks say: seeing one time is better than …

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